Egypt: We are Watching you

(Directed by Sherief Elkatsha and Jehane Noujaim)


“Egypt: We Are Watching You” - Full Movie

“Egypt: We Are Watching You,” a documentary that is part of a STEPS International “Why Democracy” film series, follows, a grass-roots activist organization, against the backdrop of the Kifaya (Enough!) protest movement during Egypt’s first multi-party presidential election.

Led by three powerful women -- TV news reporter Bosayna Kamel, university professor Ghada Shahbandar, marketing manager Engi Haddad -- was founded as a website and on-the-ground effort to bring "real" news to the people during the historic election "Change won't come suddenly," said Kamel. "It'll come step by step. Our first step was to open our eyes.’” 


Why Democracy? presents ‘Egypt: We Are Watching You’

Directors: Sherief Elkatsha, Jehane Noujaim

Editors: Pierre Haberer, Angie Wegdan

Producers: Alan Hayling, Mette Hoffman, Steps International

special thanks: (Engi Haddad, Bosayna Kamel, Ghada Shahbandar)